Please follow the guideline listed below for being able to finalize your order

We may need to kindly as you to visit the homepage of Steinberg one more time:

Please ensure to select the product that you would like to order and for which you have uploaded the document for. 

During the order process you will be requested to login into your customer account for the online store.  The account was created as you uploaded the document.

The picture listed below is just an example how it does look like.


Please ensure using the Password for the online store. The login details for my Steinberg won´t work in this case. 

Just in case:

The password reset process for the online store can be started via the link listed below:  

Password reset

Once you successful have logged in into your shop account you will not be requested to upload any documents and you will directly been given the option to finalize your order. 

Please feel free to contact us in the event you however encounter and issue to finalize your order.